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What is Waqf?

Waqf is a Voluntary,permanent,irrevocable dedication of a portion of ones wealth-in cash or kind- to ALLAH.Once a waqf,it never gets gifted,inherited,or sold.It belongs to ALLAH and the corpus of the waqf always remains intact.The fruits of the waqf may be utilised for any shari'ah compliant purpose.

"Grants", including mushrut-ul-khidmat for any purpose recognised by the Muslim law as pious, religious or charitable and

Types of Waqf:- Usually there are three types of Waqf recognised as under:-

(i) Waqf By User:- Where any piece of land or portion of a building has been used permanently for any religous or pious purpose and the owner had no objection to it or has an intention to allow to continue such practice then such waqf is called a Waqf by user. like as Kabristan, Masjid, Dargah, Idgah, Khankah etc

(ii) Waqf Alal Khair (Mashrut-ul-Khidmat): It is a public Waqf where the Wa'kif has devoted the property for the general benefit of Muslim community and means a grant stipulated for rendering services.

(iii) Waqf-alal-Aulad: It is the unique feature of Islamic law where a property is made Waqf for the welfare of the Wa'kif's own family or his children or children of his children. It is called Waqf-Alal Aulad or Waqf for progeny. 


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