Award of Excellence in Management of Waqf Institutions


Quami Waqf Board Taraqqiati Scheme has introduced a new component of awards for Mutawalli/Management Committees of Waqf Properties in order to give recognition to excellence in management of Waqf properties in order to give Mutawalli/Management committees to adopt best practices in computerization of their operations contributing towards improvement in functioning of the Waqf institution. The scheme will have the following provisions:- 1. A total of 12 awards will be given. All waqf Boards will be divided into Four zones. The awards cash component of Rs. 1.00 lac, second level of Rs. 75,000/- and third level Rs. 50,000/- a citation and a suitable memento will also be given to each awardee. 2. The awards will be given once in a year. 3. An institution or Mutawalli once given the award will not be eligible for another award for 10 years. However, applicant institutions not given the award may be eligible to be considered in the subsequent years for a maximum of three attempts in a block of ten years counted from the award year.

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Performa for Nomination for Awards

Source : Uttarakhand Waqf Board Dehradun, Last Updated on 15-02-2024